Posted on Sep 28, 2020
In my book … our Club had a GOOD 10th Annual Chili Cook Off this year!  We had 10 Rotarians + 12 guests.
Thanking the host - LANG family for opening their barn door, set up and taking care of beverages.   *PP Scott L has verbally agreed to hosting 2021 chili cook off!
Thanking iPP Roger and Keisha - for taking over the "hardest part” … preparing brats for everyone and helping in set up.
Thanking Peggy for the home made cookies.   
Thanking all chili entrees: President Cody & Tabitha, Chris & Hannah, PP Dan & Jacque, iPP Roger & Keisha, PE Derek & Megan, VP Andrew & Erin.  
*This year’s improvement - got smaller tasting cups and numbered them.
CONGRATULATION to the 10th Annual Chili Cook Off winner - PP Dan.  
Now we can add Past President Dan Lease's name on the trophy!!!!!!
PP Dan and Jacque tasting 6 entrees
PP Scott with his daughters Emily, Olivia and wife Shannen (latter two are not in the picture)
tasting the entrees before casting their votes.
By the way … I am sorry for serving “room temperature” beers to everyone during BEER TASTING! 
iPP Roger and Keisha
Our newest Fremont Rotarian Chris and Hannah
VP Andrew and Erin