Posted by Randy Box, MESA Bike Tour Chairman on Sep 16, 2019
*The below financial report was prepared by MESA Treasurer Jerry Peacock on Sep 14, 2019.
Thank You for supporting M.E.S.A.
Since the 2019 M.E.S.A. Bike Tour things have been happening that you need to know about. M.E.S.A. has purchased a larger truck with a lift gate.  In the past it was necessary to rent a truck to obtain large shipments of medical equipment.  Also a committee was formed to discuss additional funding for M.E.S.A.
Several ideas were proposed.  It was decided that the traditional Bike Tour was necessary for funding M.E.S.A..
Bonus Rides were discussed as a way to supplement funding for M.E.S.A. Toledo Rotary Club has sponsored a Bonus Ride for the past two years.  Matching funds have been available for these rides from a Toledo Rotarian.  This is a 2 for 1 match.  For every one dollar we raise we can receive two dollars.  There are some rules for the match: (1). $5 per mile maximum; (2). $100 per rider maximum; (3). $5,000 per event maximum; (4). Six events per year.
The catch is that   …(A.) we need to schedule rides in six areas of our district.  We also need to promote the rides to get riders to participate at these events!   ...(B.) To get the maximum ($100) match a rider must donate $50 dollars and ride 20 miles. $5/mile X 20 miles.   …(C.) We would need fifty riders to reach the maximum of $5,000 per event.  
The advantage of such event is that we do not need to schedule overnight hosts or shuttle service for day riders.  We do not need a M.E.S.A. truck or ambulance to follow us on the road. 
Bucyrus Rotary Club is scheduling the next Bonus Ride on September 28,2019.  Registration will start at 8 AM to 10 AM at Aumiller Park Friendship Pavilion. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.  They have suggested a $25.00 donation to M.E.S.A.  I am suggesting that M.E.S.A. riders donate $50.00 (if possible) to reach the maximum bonus-match of $100. 
Please join me on September 28, 2019 in Bucyrus.  Help M.E.S.A. grow by utilizing the Bonus Dollars!