Posted on Apr 26, 2021
Rotarian Iracema updated on the catastrophic situation in Iquitos, Peru. The situation there has not improved. People, including medical personnel and friends of Iracema and Otto, are dying because of lack of oxygen machines.  The government is not doing anything to increase access to these devices.  
Iquitos is in a “red” area, indicating there are no additional oxygen machines available.  There are no more ICU beds anywhere.  Staff of Jorge Arevalo Clinic has called her screaming for help because so many are dying because they don’t have the equipment they need.  Both Rotarian Iracema and Otto are trying to raise money for portable machines for the Clinic.
Getting the population of Peru vaccinated is far off in the future. Only 150,000 doses have arrived (from China), and they were distributed to people in the government.
Fremont Rotary Foundation (FRF) donated $14,057.15 towards PAMS to buy Six (portable) Oxygen Concentrators.
From Left: Past President Cheryl Cotter, FRF Secretary/Treasurer, Club President Cody Bischoff, our Peruvian Rotarians (Dr.) Iracema Average and Otto Gonzalez with FRF Chair Hal Hawk.
The money will go to the PAMS office in the U.S.  They are a 501(c)3 and are required to keep the same kind of records we keep for the FRF.  They will order the equipment from a trusted provider in Peru.  Jorge Arevalo Clinic employees will verify delivery, staff training, etc. and will provide documentation of usage.  Also our sister Club, Iquitos Rotary Club will be asked to provide assistance to the Clinic.
MESSAGE from Rotarian Iracema & Otto:
Dear Cheryl and Rotary Club of Fremont members,
Thank you for your efforts to provide oxygen concentrators to one of the areas in Perú that has been critically devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The medical system in Iquitos has collapsed, and the Jorge Arevalo Mission is doing their best to provide medical care to COVID patients.  It’s ironic that the Amazon jungle, known as “the lungs of the world”, needs oxygen. 
We are eternally grateful to all of you!  You bring light and hope to my hometown.
No words will be able to express the gratitude of patients abroad.  Rotary is the biggest army in the world where hands are ready to reach people in need around the world!  We are experiencing these moments every day ... “we are saving one life at a time”