Posted on Jun 25, 2018
Outgoing President Scott presented outstanding performance recognitions to the following Past Presidents and Rotarians during his presidency Rotary year 2017-18.
SPONSOR OF New Member Award:
  1. Past President Tom Hoffman, sponsored Rotarian Jeff Geary and Paul Hershey.
  2. Rotarian Roger Kuns, sponsored Rotarian Josh Randell.
  3. Rotarian Angie Morelock, sponsored Rotarian Teresa Smith.
  4. Rotarian Tim Ellenberger, sponsored Rotarian Jon Detwiler.
  5. Rotarian Rex Damschroder, sponsored Rotarian Jodi Baker.
  6. Past President Charlotte Urban, sponsored Rotarian Jody Rice.
  7. Rotarian Otto Gonzalez, sponsored Rotarian Scott Miller.
  8. Last but not least, Our beloved and the late Immediate Past President Doug Beck, sponsored Rotarian Kathryn Ross.
This replaces Attendance Award, only One criteria – achieving the total of meetings/events/projects in a Rotary Year. This year the number is 37 which is the total of weekly meeting during Scott's presidency.
These Rotarians attained full participation for their combined attendance at lunch meetings, social events, most importantly their actively participated in club projects by signing up as Mentor to STRIVE students, being Rotary Readers, helping out at the BBB 2017 event, being part of BBB 2018 planning committee, etc.
  1. Cody Bischoff
  2. Past President Cheryl Cotter
  3. Peggy Courtney 
  4. Tim Ellenberger
  5. Paul Hershey
  6. Past President Pam Hoesman 
  7. Past President Tom Hoffman
  8. Roger Kuns 
  9. Angie Morelock
  10. Past President Ralph Oxley 
  11. Patti Powers
  12. Angelica Rinehart
  13. Andrew Stainbrook
  14. Past President Charlotte Urban
  15. Christie Weininger
  16. President Scott Lang
  • Joined Rotary on April 1, 1978. 
  • became Paul Harris Fellow since 2007.
30 YEARS OF ROTARY SERVICEPast President Dick Binau
  • Joined Rotary on March 1, 1988. 
  • Served as Club President 2010-2011.
  • Became Paul Harris Fellow since 1998, and became Multiple PHF since 2007.
10 YEARS OF ROTARY SERVICE Rotarian Rick Egbert
  • Joined Rotary on June 4, 2008.
EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE Award goes to Past President Barry Luse providing strong support and serving as our Club’s Fremont Rotary Foundation, Inc. Secretary & Treasurer for the last decade.
  • Fremont Rotary Foundation Chairperson – Past President Bill Wingard
  • Past Presidents Council Chairperson – Past President Denny Newman
  • Audit Chairperson – Past President Dan Lease
OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP Award to Sub-Committee Chairpersons:
  • Program Chair – Rotarian Andy Brown
  • Social Co-chair – Rotarian Peggy Courtney
  • Rotary 4 Way tTest Speech Contest Chair - Rotarian Angie Morelock
  • Community Development & Service Projects Co-chair – Rotarian Lori Koebel
  • Rotary Literacy Program chair – Rotarian Patti Powers and Past President Pam Hoesman
  • World Community Workshop Chair - Rotarian Hal Hawk
Lastly Outgoing President Scott thanked his officers and board of directors for their OUTSTANDING DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT during Rotary year 2017-18:
  • Foundation Chairperson (for TRF) – Past President Cheryl Cotter, also Chairperson of STRIVE Program Committee.
  • Sergeant-At-Arms –Rotarian Eliot Parker.
  • Fifth Vice-President, and Chairperson of Youth Service – Rotarian Tim Ellenberger, also chairing the Rotary Scholarship Program for Students of the Month & Year. 
  • Fourth Vice-President, and Chairperson of International Service – Rotarian Christie Weininger, also Chairperson of MESA Committee and Rotary 4 Way Test Essay Contest.
  • Third Vice-President, and Chairperson of Vocational Service and Community Service – Rotarian Sarah Meade, also Co-chairperson of Public Relations and Community Service. 
  • Second Vice-President, and Chairperson of Club Service #2 – Rotarian Roger Kuns, also Co-chairperson of Social Committee. 
  • President-Elect and First Vice-President, and Chairperson of Club Service #1 – Rotarian Angelica Rinehart, also Chair of Membership Committee, Co-Chair of Public Relation, besides serving as the Club Secretary & Treasurer.
In return, we thanked Outgoing President Scott Lang for his outstanding leadership.  He is truly an outstanding Rotarian who Makes A Difference!