This year our club collected food items and $853 in cash and checks at the weekly lunch meeting during the month of November and the Club would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have made their donations:
Jim Banks
Doug Beck
PP Ken Berlekamp
PP Dick Binau
IPP Tony Camilleri
President Cheryl Cotter
Peggy Courtney
Tim Ellenberger
Michelle Fairbanks
Hal Hawk
PE Pam Hoesman
PP Tom Hoffman
Pam Jensen
PP Brian Koenig
Julie Kreilick
Roger Kuns
Scott Lang
PP Barry Luse
Angie Morelock
Bob Moyer
Patti Powers
Denise Reiter
PP Kay Reiter
Angelica Rinehart
Laurie Sistrunk
PP Charlotte Urban
Dan Waggoner
Jerome Webster
Christie Weininger
PP Bill Wingard
Jim Yeager