Once again, our Rotary Club was able to provide Christmas to several local families in need!
We adopted three families with a total of nine children, plus one senior citizen this year.  Each family requested food assistance and was given a Kroger gift card for groceries .  (The First Call for Help Community Christmas committee recommends purchasing Kroger gift cards, to ensure they will be spent on groceries.)  In addition, we provided approximately $100 worth of clothes and toys for each of the nine children, while our senior received clothing and household items on her list.
Fremont Rotary would like to extend a heartfelt  thank-you to all those involved in the Community Christmas effort, including: Laurie Sistrunk, Chair
Peggy Courtney, Pam Hoesman, Pam Jensen, Bob Moyer, Patti Powers, Angelica Rinehart, Debbie (Rick) Robertson.
Each of these Rotarians “adopted” one or more children by purchasing and wrapping their gifts.  A special thank-you goes to Abby Slemmer, who offered to haul all the gifts to the American Legion for distribution this year.  Our Community Christmas budget was $1300, but we spent only $1,119.77, due to the generosity of Bob Moyer and Pam Jensen, who donated all of their gifts.  Kudos to Bob and Pam!
It warms my heart to be involved in such a project, and to witness the dedication and generosity of our fellow Rotarians.  Have a blessed New Year.