The Community Development and Service Projects Committee met on August 8, 2016, at our regular Rotary luncheon.  Committee members in attendance were Laurie Sistrunk (Co-Chair), and Barry Luse.
Our committee has taken on several service projects for the past several years.  The majority of them occur in the fall and around Christmas Time.  The following projects have been assigned to the following members:
November 28 OSU vs UM Lottery Board—headed by Dick Binau.  Club also requests that Rotarian, Tom Hoffman, participate in this presentation as well, adding some friendly competition to the program that day.  What say you, Tom Hoffman?  *Tom said he will help!
Sandusky County Food Pantry Collection and kickoff will take place in November—headed by Rotarian, Andy Brown, in conjunction with the Sandusky County Parks Department.   Additionally, the Service Committee is requesting the assistance of Peg Hirt and Rick Robertson with this endeavor.
Our Community Christmas efforts will begin in November, and will once again be headed up by Laurie Sistrunk.  Laurie is requesting the assistance of other committee members, including Kay Reiter, with this undertaking.  Community Christmas will be wrapped up (no pun intended!) on our around December 22.  *Kay said you can count on me!
Salvation Army Bell Ringing, to take place the first Friday in December, will once again be headed up by Barry Luse.  Thank you, Barry.
The annual Holiday Parade with the Sandusky County Parks District will mark the ending of our Sandusky County Food Pantry Drive.  We are enlisting the assistance of Dave Fahrbach and Abby Slemmer, along with Andy Brown, for this project.
Finally, the School of Hope Easter Egg Hunt will take place on or around the Tuesday after Easter at the Hayes Presidential Library and Museums.  We are enlisting Ken Berlekamp and Kellie Sears to coordinate this activity.  *Ken said he'll be happy to help.
These are our annual service projects.  If anyone has recommendations and/or would like to pursue additional projects for the winter or spring, please feel free to share your ideas with our committee.
Thank you to all for your consideration and dedication.