Our Club's 4th Annual Chili Cook Off was held on Saturday, September 29th at the Fremont Yacht Club.  Attended by 19 members, 9 spouses & family members, and 3 special guests - DG Rex, Chief of staff Duane and his wife, Julie.  This year there were 7 entries from: PE Pam H, Angelica, Chasity, Peggy & Christie, PP Ralph, LaRoy, and Laurie. 
There was a lot of drinking and fellowship. Members and guests were eager to do the tasting. A lot of conversation on "which one do you like?" "which one did you vote for?". In fact there was one contestant who was seen going around pouring wine to get votes. Sadly she forgot to tell everyone which chili pot was hers. 
A special Thank You to the organizing committee members for helping to make this event possible: Past President Ralph Oxley (Rotarian in charge), Peggy Courtney, Past President Tom Hoffman, Past President Charlotte Urban and Chasity O'Neill.