Posted on Jun 05, 2017
Dear Fremont Rotarians, 
We would like to share the Club Flexibility Survey Result conducted recently.
According to RI …
"The 2016 Council on Legislation voted to give Rotary clubs more flexibility than they've ever had.  The changes in policy affect when, where, and how clubs meet and the types of membership they offer.
And RI says … 
It's up to your club to decide how — and if — you want to use the new options.  Start by reviewing the updated Standard Rotary Club Constitution to see which guidelines are flexible.  Once you've decided what changes would benefit your club, edit your club bylaws to reflect them, and try them out.  If you decide they aren't working, try something else."
So your current Club Board surveyed via email the general membership on April 24th.  The survey addressed two items recommended by RI:

1.    Change your meeting schedule.  Your club can vary its meeting days, times, and frequency.  You just need to meet at least twice a month.
2.    Vary your meeting format.  Your club can meet in person, online, or a combination, including letting some members attend in-person meetings through the Internet.
The Club received 36 replies out of 63.
34 YES vs 2 NO to Proposal (1): Change meeting schedule.
20 YES vs 16 NO to Proposal (2): Vary meeting format.
At the weekly lunch meeting on June 5th, the Club made a motion to approve Proposal (1) which read
“Rotary Club of Fremont, Ohio will meet three (3) times a month i.e. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday, canceling its 1st Monday meeting of each month.  Club continue its social evening on the 5th Monday when applicable.  This practice shall take place effective July 1st, 2017.”
Rotarian Laurie Sistrunk made a motion to approve the revised meeting schedule as proposed, seconded by Rotarian Andy Brown and approved by the general membership (13 for, 9 against, and 13 not voting).
We hope to reap the rewards of change.  Club flexibility can help our Club attract new members, increase attendance and allow for more program speaker options.
Of course, any change brings risk.   Some members were concerned that these changes might result in confusion.  We hope to manage change to avoid, or minimize, any confusion.   
The Club will review the impacts of this trial in early 2018.
By the order of Club Board Rotary Year 2016-17
Angelica Rinehart
Club Secretary & Treasurer