On June 22 we recognized all those who supported the program this year. Here are some comments from surveys recently completed by Rotarians and teachers.
Rotarians, on what they see as the positives of the program:
  • Sharing the joy of reading with them is rewarding.
  • Kids get to see that adults care about reading---it may inspire kids to read.
  • It is a great way to get citizens into the schools.
  • It is a great way to get more people reading to children and showing them what fun it is.
  • The children learn from not only the book/story but through the readers experiences and personal input.
  • Great fun talking to the students. They had lots of questions, comments, and energy. A very satisfying experience.
  • Wonderful experience! Children were attentive and seemed to enjoy the experience as much as I did! Looked forward to it each time!
  • Good job and thank you to all who worked on this committee and all who participated!
  • Great books to add to our classroom library.
  • Love seeing new faces each month.
  • Great questions were asked after story was read to the students.
  • Volunteers are very excited to be here and great with the kids.
  • Students are exposed to other adults who read---not just their teacher or parent.
  • Students are experiencing stories and books that we would normally not be reading.
The students were exposed to community members who value reading. They were excited to enjoy books with those “outside” of their educational community. The books were tied to the standards and the students were able to make valuable connections to their learning. The students also loved picking the books up off our shelves at later dates and reading them again, either independently or with a friend.