Posted by Past President Cheryl Cotter on Oct 13, 2019
  • Began the year with 21 students. 
  • 21 mentors, 12 of whom are Rotarians, Honorary Rotarians, or Rotarian spouses, and one of whom is a former Rotarian. This is the highest level of Rotarian involvement in mentorship since the STRIVE program began.
  • $1120 in donations to financially support the program received from 11 Rotarians. Continuing to solicit funds.
  • Mentors provided with initial/refresher mentor education on three different dates in September. 
  • Criminal background checks of mentors completed in September.
  • Changed meeting day and time this year to the third Monday of the month from 1:45 to 2:30. First monthly group meeting held on September 16 with 20 students, 3 non Rotarian mentors, 9 Rotarians, 2 Rotarian spouses, and 3 school personnel in attendance (total = 37). Topics: introductions, Rotary and STRIVE overview, student survey, ACT, career exploration, job shadowing, and upcoming meetings.
  • Next group meeting scheduled for Monday, October 21. Discussing college applications and scholarships.
  • Individual weekly meetings between students and mentors started the week of September 23.