Posted by Past President Cheryl Cotter on Jan 06, 2020
  • 21 students and 21 mentors. All students have been identified as being at-risk.
  • Monthly group meeting held on January 6, with a panel of six former Ross High School grads discussing college life. In attendance at the January 6 meeting were 17 students, 4 mentors, a STRIVE Committee member, the High School Interventionist, the High School Guidance Counselor, 6 college student panelists, and 2 guests representing the local NAACP (32 total).
  • During the second quarter, 15 students improved their school attendance, and there were 6 students with perfect attendance. One of the students with perfect attendance missed 12 days last year. 
  • 14 students had no disciplinary issues in the second quarter. 
  • 10 students showed improvement in their grades, including two students with perfect GPA’s of 4.0. One of the students with a 4.0 also has perfect attendance this year.
  • The group meeting previously scheduled for February 25 has been rescheduled to March 3 due to the school testing schedule. On March 3 the students will be going to Terra State Community College for an informational session and tour followed by an etiquette luncheon held in the Neeley Center.
  • Individual weekly meetings between students and mentors are continuing.