Annual Meeting of FRF was held on Aug 28th.
Current Trustees List: 
• PP Bill Wingard, PP Barry Luse – elected term 2016-2018
• PP Kay Reiter, PP Brian Koenig – elected term 2017-2019
• Club President Scott Lang, PE & CST Angelica Rinehart, IPP Doug Beck, PP Cheryl Cotter (FAC)
• Additionally President-Elect Nominee Roger Kuns and CST Nominee Sarah Meade will be invited to all future trustees meetings..
Trustees met immediately after lunch meeting on Sep 25th, Mon to elect officers and sub-committee members:
• Chairperson: PP Bill Wingard
• Vice Chairperson: PP Brian Koenig
• Secretary & Treasurer: PP Barry Luse
• Investment: PP Brian, PP Bill, PP Barry
• Spending: PP Kay, IPP Doug, PP Cheryl