A total of three families, including one senior and twelve children, had better Christmases this year, due to the hard work and generosity of the Fremont Rotary Club.  The club provided approximately $1200 toward the $1300+ spent on grocery cards, gift cards, toys, and clothing for the families on Santa’s list!
In order to accommodate the six teenagers belonging to these families, Fremont Rotary donated Walmart gift cards to each.  The children, ages twelve and under, received toys and clothing, while their parents were given the opportunity to purchase groceries and Christmas dinners for their families.
A heartfelt thank you goes out to all Rotarians involved in this project, who organized, purchased gifts, wrapped gifts, and donated gifts to this project!   This year’s Rotary volunteers included:
Rotarian Laurie Sistrunk, Committee Chair
Rotarian Angelica Rinehart—purchased, wrapped, and helped organize
Rotarian Scott and Shannon Lang—purchased, wrapped, and DONATED gifts
Rotarian Christie Weininger—purchased and wrapped gifts
President Pam Hoesman—purchased and wrapped gifts
Rotarian Patti Powers—purchased and wrapped gifts
Rotarian Rick and Debbie Robertson—purchased and wrapped gifts
We should all be proud to belong to an organization with such giving hearts!  Happy New Year to all!