The Community Service Committee was very busy again during the 2014-2015 fiscal year.  A heart-felt thank you goes out to the entire club for their participation and assistance in each of the following projects:
  • October 2014, Kay and Dale Reiter took charge of replacing Rotary’s 4-Way Test road signs along the bike trail at Rodger Young Park.  This was a two day project of mounting new signs and repairing old signs.  Total cost of project was $395.  Thanks again to Kay and Dale!
  • Rotarian, Julie Kreilick, headed up the collection efforts for the Sandusky County Food Pantry in November 2014.  Thanks to all Rotarians for their contributions, totaling  $853 in cash, plus canned goods and paper products.
  • Rotarian-in Charge, Julie Kreilick, along with several other Rotarians represented Rotary at Fremont’s Holiday Parade on the first Saturday of December.  A total of eight Rotarians and their family members further bolstered our club’s collection efforts for the Sandusky County Food Pantry, bringing the approximate total to $1200.
  • Jerome Webster orchestrated our annual Salvation Army Bell-Ringing project at Walmart on December 5.  Several Rotarian’s and their family members braved the cold while donning their holiday apparel in order to gather donations for the Salvation Army.  Fremont Rotary’s collection of $2544.12 was the highest total amongst all of the local service clubs who participated.
  • Laurie Sistrunk, with the help of Kay Reiter and several other Rotarians, coordinated the efforts to sponsor three local families with their combined nine children, plus one senior citizen for 2014’s Community Christmas.  Thanks to all who purchased gifts, wrapped gifts, and contributed to this annual event!  In total, our club spent $1119.87 on food and gifts to these families.
  • Kellie Sears was Rotarian-in-Charge at our annual Easter Egg Hunt with the School of Hope.  This year’s event was held at the School of Hope in its gymnasium.  Thanks to the many Rotarian’s who took a little time out of their afternoons to enjoy this event through the eyes of a special child. Our club donated $250 toward toys for the kids. Thanks especially  to Christie Weininger for the Hayes Presidential Center’s co-sponsoring this special project in April. 
All total, our club had a very successful and eventful year lending our time and talents to the community.  In one way or another, nearly each and every member of our club participated.  Thanks again—we should be very proud.