Outgoing President PAM presented outstanding performance recognitions to the following Past Presidents and Rotarians during her presidency Rotary year 2015-16:
SPONSOR OF New Member:
  1. Rotarian Mark Egbert, sponsored Rotarian Ron Parisi.
  2. President-Elect Doug Beck, sponsored Rotarian David Yonke.
  1. President-Elect Doug Beck
  2. Immediate Past President Cheryl Cotter
  3. President Pam Hoesman
  4. Rotarian Scott Lang
  5. Rotarian Angelica Rinehart
  6. Rotarian Laurie Sistrunk
  7. Past President Charlotte Urban
  8. Rotarian Christie Weininger
  1. Past President Ken Berlekamp
  2. Past President Tony Camilleri
  3. Rotarian Peggy Courtney
  4. Rotarian Tim Ellenberger
  5. Rotarian Roger Kuns
  6. Past President Ralph Oxley
40 YEARS OF ROTARY SERVICE – Past President Kent Watkins
  • Joined Rotary on March 1, 1976. 
  • Served as Club President in 1989-90.
30 YEARS OF ROTARY SERVICE - Rotarian Jim Yeager
  • Joined Rotary on June 1, 1986. 
  • Became Paul Harris Fellow since 2007.
  • Rotarian Jim served as Sergeant At Arms in Rotary year 2006-08.
  • He has been conducting Rotary Orientation session for all new membership applicants since Rotary year 2008.
Rotarian Daniel Darr
  • Joined Rotary on May 18, 2006.
Rotarian Angelica Rinehart
  • Joined Rotary on August 1, 2006.
  • Became Paul Harris Fellow since 1997.
  • She was an Interactor during her high school, a Rotaractor immediately after school during her 20s, and Youth Exchange to Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Currently she is the Club Secretary & Treasurer, a position she held since Rotary year 2008-09.
  • Fremont Rotary Foundation Chairperson – Past President Bill Wingard
  • Past Presidents Council Chairperson – Past President Denny Newman
  • Audit Chairperson – Past President Dan Lease
Rotarian CJ Szymanowski who has been a strong supporter since becoming Rotarian.
OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP by Sub-Committee Chairpersons:
  • Program Co-Chair and District Program on World Community Workshop Chairperson – Rotarian Hal Hawk
  • Vocational Awareness Committee Chairperson – Past President Denny Newman
  • Community Development & Service Projects Co-chair – Past President Dick Binau and Rotarian Laurie Sistrunk
  • Rotary Literacy Program chair – Rotarian Angie Morelock 
  • Rotary Scholarship Program for STRIVE Co-chair - Rotarian Traci McCaudy
  • Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms – Rotarian Michelle Fairbanks and Rotarian Roger Kuns
Lastly Outgoing President Pam thanked her officers and board of directors for their OUTSTANDING DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT during Rotary year 2015-16:
  • Foundation Administrative Coordinator (FAC) – Past President Tony Camilleri.
  • Sergeant-At-Arms – Rotarian Christie Weininger.
  • Immediate Past President – Cheryl Cotter, also Chair of Public Relations.
  • Assistant Club Secretary & Treasurer – Past President Ken Berlekamp, who provided valuable assistance towards Angelica.
  • Club Secretary & Treasurer – Rotarian Angelica Rinehart, also Co-chair of Program Committee.
  • Fifth Vice-President, and Chairperson of Youth Service – Rotarian Jerome Webster, also Co-chair of STRIVE Program Committee.
  • Fourth Vice-President, and Chairperson of International Service – Rotarian Tim Ellenberger, also Chair of MESA Committee and Rotary Scholarship Program for Students of the Month & Year.
  • Third Vice-President, and Chairperson of Vocational Service and Community Service – Rotarian Scott Lang.
  • Second Vice-President, and Chairperson of Club Service #2 – Rotarian Chasity O’Neill.
  • President-Elect and First Vice-President, and Chairperson of Club Service #1 – Rotarian Doug Beck, also Chair of Social Committee.