Posted by Rotarian Mark Egbert on Nov 30, 2018
It is confirmed our Club’s bell ringing collection 2018 on November 30th was (drum roll please) ... $2,521.64.  CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU again to all bell ringers 2018. 
9am to 11am: Rotarian Mark, iPP Scott, Rotarian Tim (Best Bell Ringer), Rotarian Becky, Rotarian Mary Lynn and Rotarian Andrew S.
11am to 1pm: PP Pam, Rotarian Bob P, Rotarian Rick E, SAA Christie and Rotarian Jim. 
1pm to 3 pm: VP Paul, Rotarian Scott, VP Cody and VP Lori.
3pm to 5 pm:
5pm to 7 pm: Rotarian Jon & Melissa, Rotarian Patti & Jim, VP Cody & Tabitha.